High Sec Buyback Guide


Last Updated: 2023-07-11


AO accepts buyback contracts for almost everything! Contracts are accepted at any AO station and a few other places (listed below). Note: Evepraisal links are required on contracts, except for donations. For Donations or 0 ISK contracts, please put the word ‘Donation’ in the contract note or we will have to mail you to ask.

This guide contains

  1. Drop Off Locations
  2. Explanation of items accepted and pricing
  3. Detailed instructions on how to create a buyback contract
  4. FAQ and program information

High Sec Drop Off Locations

Please note the contract must originate from one of these stations:

System Contracts Are Accepted At
Ambeke Absolute Moon 17
Elonaya Absolute Unity
Faurent Absolute Moon VIII
Funtanainen Absolute Freeport
Haajinen Upwell Palatine Keepstar
Ibura Absolute Factory
Absolute Repro III
Isinokka Tess’s HQ
Oipo Absolute Ascension
Absolute Shipyard
Any NPC station
Piak Absolute Purity
Absolute 8 Industry
Rohamaa Absolute Candor
Torrinos Absolute Eclipse
Absolute Moon IV
Absolute Moon VI
Absolute Moon VII
Absolute Moon XII
Absolute Outpost IV
AO West Bunker
Tsuruma Absolute Prophecy
Absolute Rock Grinder
Uchomida 4D Underwater Chess
54% Ice and Moon Reprocessing
Absolute Aurora
Beast from the East
Monday 1700
Raider Bay
Saturday 1700
Thursday 1700
Turning Dreams into Nightmares
We welcome you
Uuhulanen Absolute Repro I
Absolute Endurance
Yoma Absolute Forge

Issuing a contract from stations other than the above list may cause your contract to be rejected.

Buyback purchase prices

We use 90% Jita buy price as a basis for our calculations (for most items), according to Evepraisal.com. Contracts will be accepted at stations listed above.

Region Items Price(s)
High Sec All Ice, Ores, PI, Salvage, Modules, etc 90% Jita Buy

Items not accepted:

  • BPCs in contracts with other items will cause the entire contract to be REJECTED. DO NOT put BPCs in a contract with other items.
  • SKINs

The following situations will cause your contract to be delayed or rejected:

  • Not using Jita buy pricing - Perimeter is not allowed.
  • Using the incorrect calculation for goods.
  • Including BPCs with any other items.
  • Not including an evepraisal link.

How to make a buyback contract

  • Configure evepraisal.com settings

First, open https://evepraisal.com, and Found Setting Button Click It.

Then Change Price Percentage to 90.

You should only have to do this once if your browser is allowed to save settings. If you frequently use evepraisal for other appraisal needs you may have to set this each time you change it.

Copy Items to evepraisal window

Then go into your game and copy the items you want to sell to the corp by highlighting them and pressing ctrl+c, Then paste those items into evepraisal.com using ctrl+v.

Submit the items in evepraisal

Make sure the drop down is set to Jita, and then press the blue submit button. You will get a screen like the following:

Double check that the orange box says 90% and Jita.

Press the blue Permalink button and copy the link from the popup.

Creating the contract - Step 1

Now go into the game and create a Private Item Exchange contract to Absolute Order IV. To do this, you can simply right click one of the highlighted items and select ‘create contract’. All of the selected items will automatically be included in the contract.

On page 1/4, please ensure the contract is filled out as follows:

Once you have selected ‘Item Exchange’, ‘Private’, and filled in the Name box with ‘Absolute Order IV’, click Next.

Creating the contract - Step 2

If you followed the directions from Step 1, your items will already be checked on this screen and you can simply click Next. If you do not see all of the items selected that you want to sell, you can select them here.

Creating the contract - Step 3

On page three, enter the Total Buy Value from evepraisal into the “I will receive” box, and the permalink you generated from evepraisal.com into the “Description (optional)” box. Then press Next.

Creating the contract - Step 4

Final checklist (requirements):

  • Be sure you are using the BUY price from evepraisal for all items, contracts at sell price will be rejected.
  • The contracted items MUST be in a location specified in the table at the start of this document.
  • Make sure the station is on the list.
  • If your contract originates from another citadel or upwell station that we cannot dock on, your contract will be rejected. Issue from other locations as your own risk.

Double check that everything looks correct on page 4 and if it is, press Finish. Your contract is now sent.

Contract Processing

The contract will be reviewed by corp members assigned to the task. If there are any problems, the contract will be rejected and you will be contacted via in-game mail with the instructions on how to correct the contract.

It may take up to 72 hours for your contract to be accepted, however most contracts are accepted in less than 24 hours. For larger contracts (250 million to 1 billion) it may take closer to 48 hours. In rare cases processing time may fall outside of these windows. Buyback managers will try to communicate this to the alliance when it happens.

Please See the FAQ below for answers to common questions.

Buyback FAQ

What are the benefits of using the corp buyback program?

The main benefit is convenience. By selling to the corp you don’t need to move your goods to market, manage the orders, and fight other sellers. Especially for newer players and alpha characters–this is a huge benefit, you don’t need to waste skill points on market skills to reduce sales tax and broker’s fees.

The additional benefits are the things the corp funds for members by either bulk selling buyback materials, or by using them in industry. See below for more details on how we use the funds.

What items does the corp accept for buyback?

Nearly everything. There are a few notable exceptions: SKINs and NPC commodity items are not desired and will likely cause a contract to be rejected.

Here is a short list of items we definitely accept (these are the most common things):

  • Ores / Ice / Gas / Minerals / Moon Goo - all types
  • PI materials - all types accepted
  • Loot and Salvage - all types
  • Building materials (T2 and T3) - including research materials such as decryptors and datacores

Are Blueprints acceptable for buyback?

It depends. If it is a researched BPO, you will need to reach out to the industry department lead(s) to determine if there is interest in acquiring a specific BPO from you. The corp typically only buys blueprints that apply directly to the activities it supports: building doctrine ships, or supporting our stations or fleet operations in some way.

Warning: EVEPraisal doesn’t understand the difference between BPCs and BPOs, so you cannot use it to get a price

BPCs are scrutinized carefully to determine if they are valuable to the corp before accepting them. BPCs are generally valuable to the corp if they are:

  • Fully researched.
  • Are for doctrine ships we fly, or the modules or rigs we use in our doctrine ships.
  • Ship BPCs.

BPCs that are not researched can still be useful if they can be used in invention to generate T2 BPCs the corp uses.

If you are not sure that a BPC is useful to the corp but are interested in selling some, reach out to the industry leaders to discuss which BPCs would be appropriate to sell to the corp.

If you do not know how to use the contract market to price BPCs, it is recommended that you contact an industry lead for help before making a contract for BPCs.

Is there anything I should do to get paid faster?

Several things:

  • Separate ore / minerals / gas, etc from things like loot and salvage. Put them in different contracts.
  • Try to submit smaller contracts more regularly (smaller = 100 million isk or less). If you submit larger contracts (500m - 1b) they may take a couple of days to be paid out because the corp has to shift inventory out to clear funds to accept larger contracts.
  • When possible, ensure your goods are at a station in Oipo, this ensures we will not have to dispatch a freighter to pick up the goods.

What are the profits from buyback used for?

The corp uses any profits (somewhere around 3-7% after sales taxes, brokers fees, and cost to haul), to fund programs in the corp. A 3-7% profit might sound like a lot, but it barely scratches the surface of the things the corp funds each month. These include but are not limited to:

  • Ship replacements (SRP)
  • Free ships for training fleets and other corp events
  • Corp stations, corp office rentals, and upgrades to corp stations
  • Fuel to keep our stations running.
  • Payment for manufacturing and purchase of needed materials.
  • Discounted doctrine ships prices.
  • Bonuses, rewards, and medals to corp members for helping with defense fleets, wars, etc

We do not use profits from the buyback program to pay salaries or awards to the corp leadership. All profits are put back into the important programs listed above.